The Seagate Board of Directors encompasses an invaluable diversity of technology and business expertise to guide Seagate on its mission to lead the global storage industry.

Stephen J. Luczo
Chairman, Board of Directors

Frank J. Biondi, Jr
Director. Chair: Finance Committee. Member: Compensation Committee

Michael R. Cannon
Director. Chair: Nominating and Audit Committee

Mei-Wei Cheng
Director. Member: Finance Committee and Audit Committee

William Coleman
Director. Member: Nominating and Audit Committee, Finance Committee

Jay L. Geldmacher
Director. Member: Compensation Committee

Kristen M. Onken
Director. Chair: Audit Committee

Dr. Chong Sup Park
Director. Lead Independent Director. Member: Audit Committee, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Gregorio Reyes
Director. Member: Audit Committee, Finance Committee

Edward J. Zander
Director. Chair: Compensation Committee

Stephanie Tilenius
Director. Member: Finance Committee, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee