Seagate Unveils Industry's First 7,200-RPM, Ultra ATA-Interface Disc Drive for Desktop Computers

Oct 19, 1997

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today unveiled the industry's first 7,200-rpm, Ultra ATA-interface hard disc drive for desktop PCs, raising the bar on performance for desktop computer systems. Featuring 9.1 Gbytes of capacity, the Medalist Pro 9140 (ST39140A) also brings a key storage technology of the future fluid dynamic bearing motors to the present day. Designed for power, performance and reliability, the Medalist Pro 9140 provides the ideal storage solution for people utilizing digital photography, downloading applications from the Internet, and running full-screen, full-motion audio/video.

"Seagate believes its products and technology should enable people do their jobs faster and better," said Phil Detwiler, Seagate's senior vice president of Marketing. "With unprecedented levels of performance in an ATA-interface, desktop drive and added-value features designed for ease of use like SeaShield and DiscWizard, the Medalist Pro 9140 transforms the way desktop PC users store and share the increasing amount of information important to them."

At 9.1 Gbytes, the Medalist Pro 9140 is Seagate's highest-capacity ATA-interface drive to date. Seagate is introducing a second offering in the Medalist Pro 9140 family: the 6.5-Gbyte Medalist Pro 6530 (ST36530A). The new Medalist Pro drives feature a quick 9.5-millisecond average seek, 7,200-rpm spindle speed and ability to transfer data at a rate of up to 33.3 Mbytes/second via the Ultra ATA interface.

Both drives utilize magneto-resistive heads, enabling Seagate to achieve higher areal densities, and enhanced partial response-maximum likelihood (EPRML) read channel technology for faster throughput during read/write operations. The Medalist Pro 9140 and Medalist Pro 6530 are equipped with a spacious 512 Kbyte cache, giving users the ability to transfer more of the specific information they need from the hard disc to memory.

About Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motors
Fluid dynamic bearing motors utilize a viscous oil rather than metal ball bearings. This advanced technology, which Seagate began developing in 1994, enables increased performance, capacity and reliability, while significantly reducing drive acoustics and susceptibility to shock. While typical ball bearing motors can withstand up to 150 Gs of shock, fluid dynamic bearing motors have been tested up to 1,200 Gs. In addition, fluid dynamic bearing motors are acoustically superior to traditional ball bearing motors because they have no metal-to-metal contact and therefore produce very little noise. With no metal-to-metal contact, fluid bearing motors theoretically have an infinite fatigue-life.

About SeaShield
Seagate's innovative SeaShield protective cover for the drive's printed circuit board (PCB) prevents users from touching sensitive electronics during installation, keeping the drive safe from electrostatic discharge. For added convenience, Seagate has placed key information like installation instructions, specifications, drive parameters and jumper settings right on the SeaShield surface.

About DiscWizard
Seagate's exclusive DiscWizard software program is an easy-to-use, graphical tool for installing, formatting and partitioning hard disc drives. DiscWizard analyzes the existing desktop system configuration and provides customized, detailed instructions on how to accomplish the type of installation best suited to the user's needs.

The Medalist Pro 9140 and Medalist Pro 6530 come with a standard three-year limited warranty. Both drives are scheduled for production in the first calendar quarter of 1998.

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