Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive

Fast HDD Portable Drive

1,583 Movies. One Drive.

With up to 2x the capacity and speed of other portable hard drives

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What’s Included?

Capacity and Speed

The Seagate® Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive performs at up to 2× the speed of other portable hard drives.

  • The highest capacity, 2.5-inch portable hard drive on the market
  • USB 3.0-powered: no bulky external power supply needed
  • Sleek, tough, metal design for everywhere portability
  • Share files between Windows® and Mac® computers, no reformatting necessary
Fast HDD Portable Drive

Your Entire Digital Library — On Just One Drive

Your data is more essential than ever: movies, music, photos, professional projects and more. The Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive has the highest capacity of any 2.5-inch portable drive on the market, so you can take your entire digital library with you — wherever.

Up to 2× the Speed of Other Portable Hard Drives

The Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive delivers some of the fastest data transfer speeds — up to 220MB/s — of any 2.5-inch portable hard drive out there. In fact, it is actually up 2× faster than most, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying.

Fast HDD Portable Drive

Back Up From Your Mobile Devices

Use the Seagate Mobile Backup app to easily back up photos and videos on the go, directly from your mobile devices to your Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive.

Fast HDD Portable Drive

Easy Backup With Seagate Dashboard

Choose from two easy, automatic backup options in the Seagate Dashboard - scheduled or continuous backup - and be done.

Fast HDD Box

What’s Included

Product Colours
Typical Weight
  • Fast HDD USB 3.0 4TB Black Hard Drive
  • Data Sheet