FreeAgent Go, FreeAgent Desk, FreeAgent XTreme Software

The following procedure describes the steps necessary to add the FreeAgent Tools software to your FreeAgent Desktop drive. This software includes diagnostics, a power settings adjustment utility and a file backup utility.

Release Notes

Did you know that the software is already contained on the drive? Seagate External drives come from the factory with the software pre-loaded on the drive. This download contains the Seagate Manager Backup software included with the drive.


  • Step 1

    Download the file to your Windows desktop.

  • Step 2

    Double-click on the file and extract the file to a new folder called Seagate temp. 


    Note: Extraction steps may vary depending on the extraction tool loaded on your PC. These steps are for the default tool in Windows.

    • Once the file is open (double-click on the file), click on the Extract All Files button in the toolbar.
    • Enter C:\Seagate temp\ when asked for a destination. Then click on Extract.
  • Step 3

    Navigate to the Seagate temp folder and double-click on the InstallSeagateManager.exe file.

  • Step 4

    Choose a language to start the installation.

    Step 5

    For help with using the software after the installation has completed, click on the blue question mark in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.