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Windows 8 is here. Get ready with Backup Plus.

Windows 8 is the most exiting OS update in years. But before you upgrade, it is critical to make sure that you back up your data first (photos, music, movies, important documents and records, etc.) and have a protection plan in place right away. Backup Plus makes these tasks simple.


Complete pre-upgrade backup

When installing an OS, always perform a complete system backup first. Backup Plus makes it easy. 

    1. Open the Dashboard software and go to the Protect menu
    2. Click “Protect Now”

    That is it. Backup Plus will begin backing up all your files immediately.

    Choose your level of protection: continuous or scheduled

    By default, the level of protection is set to back up your files continuously on the primary drive (the C: drive in Windows).
    You can always set up a specific backup schedule if you perform a resource-intensive activity regularly, such as gaming. This keeps the computer’s resources focused on current tasks.
    In addition to these initial backup settings, there are other customisable settings that you can choose from to meet your needs.

    Optimised for Windows 8


    When you have upgraded to Windows 8 successfully, Backup Plus is ready to get to work.

    • Protect your photos, movies, documents and more with automatically scheduled or continuous backups
    • Share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, directly from your Backup Plus drive
    • Save the photos that you have shared on Facebook and Flickr automatically, so you never have to worry about losing them

    Go to the Backup Plus family page for more information.



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The upgrade essential

Upgrade to Windows 8 with peace of mind

The upgrade essential

Upgrade to Windows 8 with peace of mind

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