Seagate® portable external hard drives deliver reliable storage that you can easily take with you on the go — from basic add-on storage to high-performance, highly upgradeable designs.

Whether you need an upgradeable high-capacity drive or basic add-on storage, Seagate offers a reliable desktop external hard drive that can help you do more.

Seagate® home entertainment products deliver flexible new ways to enjoy your digital photos, music and movies. Our digital media players let you access all your content on TV, while Seagate media sharing devices help you access and share your files anytime, anywhere.

Tinydot Frame play Tinydot Photography Project

Wonder how Seagate branded products help with SMB?
Seagate provided tinydotphotography, a small wedding photography studio, with a range of retail products that includes Wireless Plus, Central and Business Storage to demonstrate how Storage for life is being resonated and how Seagate branded products have assisted in their daily businesses operations.

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extremevideographer med

Nothing Less than Seagate for Extreme-Sports Videographer

Drives store extreme-sports video project files handily

Eric Ng of Funkie Monkies Productions, which uses Seagate hard drives for digital storage

Play that Funkie Music, Seagate

Every guitar riff, drum beat, vocal track and musical data is stored


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Network-attached storage

What Is Network Attached Storage?

NAS devices let you easily store and share data across multiple computers, whether for small businesses or at home.


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