Seagate® SSD and Flash Product Portfolio

Seagate has a comprehensive SSD and flash storage portfolio that includes a flash technology solution for every market segment. We have you covered from laptops to storage to servers and from SATA to SAS to PCIe.

Flash Products Use Cases Best-Fit Applications
600 SSDs
Client SATA 2.5 Main Dynamic
SSD upgrade to speed up your laptops and notebooks. Ideal for existing laptops to increase performance and improve ruggedness. Laptops needing fastest boot, application loading and responsiveness, with high I/O throughput performance and improved durability.
600 Pro SSDs
600 Pro SSD 2.5 Main Dynamic
Optimised for read-intensive workloads and designed for servers and storage arrays in multi-user and 24x7 data centres. Cloud service providers, virtualisation, content delivery networks and web/edge caching.
1200 SSDs
1200 SSD
Designed for storage arrays and servers with complex, write-intensive workloads typical of multi-user, 24x7 data centres. High performance computing, OLTP and data analytics.

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Seagate 600 SSD: Fast Boot, Easy Install, Rugged Solid State Drive Seagate 600 SSD: Fast Boot, Easy Install, Rugged Solid State Drive  Watch the video

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