ClusterStor Parallel File System

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The Art of High Performance Scale-Out Storage

 The ClusterStorTM family architecture is built on 25 years of Seagate (formerly Xyratex) enterprise-class storage design and Lustre®, an open source high performance parallel file system typically used for scale-out computing. ClusterStor’s architecture:

  • Tightly integrates Lustre1 into a performance and capacity optimized solution perfect for HPC, big data and analytics
  • Removes complexities associated with deploying and maintaining traditional Lustre environments using off the shelf components from multiple vendors
  • Enables integrated storage solutions that provide the high productivity computing with the industry's highest levels of efficiency, reliability, availability and serviceabilit
  • Supported by ClusterStor Professional Services

1The name Lustre is a combination of the words Linux and cluster.

Secure Data Appliance: Scale-Out Parallel File System

ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance (SDA) is the world’s first secure, scale-out, parallel file system specifically designed to meet the needs of Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503 and Cross Domain Solution (CDS) requirements at a massive scale. 

  • Increases data security at massive scale

  • Reduces external and insider threats, while driving down deployment complexity and expense
  • Achieves faster ROI and rapid mission effectiveness

Download the ClusterStor SDA Data Sheet >


ClusterStor 9000: Fastest Time to Results—At Any Scale

Delivering superior converged scale-out storage quality and performance efficiency, the ClusterStor 9000 solution helps HPC and Big Data customers reliably plan, deploy and sustain maximum optimal application performance.  Delivering 50% higher performance than previous ClusterStor platforms, customers benefit from:

  • Reduced data center floor space, power, cooling and administrative costs, up to 60% better than competitive offerings
  • GridRAID providing 400% faster rebuild times, reduced management tasks and operating costs
  • Unique architecture eliminating storage I/O bottlenecks and enables efficient linear scalability
  • Achieving maximum sustainable performance per disk drive

Download the ClusterStor 9000 Data Sheet >


ClusterStor 6000: Engineered Solution for HPC Storage

ClusterStor 6000 is an integrated Lustre storage solution, designed for HPC and Big Data users who want to build efficient petascale solutions for high performance computing applications in areas such as scientific research, simulation, climate modeling and energy exploration. 

  • First to sustain over 1TB/sec file system performance
  • Unique building block design increases performance density and reliability while reducing power and cooling costs
  • Easy to install and use with factory integrated hardware, software and network components

Download the ClusterStor 6000 Data Sheet >


ClusterStor 1500: Best ROI, Acceleration, Performance and Value

ClusterStor 1500 solutions feature scale-out storage building blocks, the Lustre® parallel filesystem and a comprehensive management platform that eliminates the guesswork associated with creating your own high performance computing (HPC) storage solution. 

  • Perfect for scale-out HPC environments that fit inside one rack (including stand alone genomics systems, gas and oil exploration and academic research)
  • Increased reliability, availability and serviceability 
  • Single pane of glass management of storage infrastructure
  • Easy deployment

Download the ClusterStor 1500 Data Sheet >

1ClusterStor Manager is an easy-to-use GUI that lets you view the entire storage infrastructure, RAID data protection layer, operating system, and Lustre file system.

ClusterStor Manager: Single Pane-of-Glass Management

ClusterStor Manager (CSM) is a comprehensive system management application that brings to life powerful, intuitive, context-aware real-time monitoring and proactive management designed into an easy-to-use interface. Every ClusterStor system includes CSM which allows:

  •  Monitoring your system at unprecedented levels of visibility while decreasing the administrative management burden. 
  • Consolidating detailed health monitoring and error reporting 
  • Reducing complexity and service costs associated with small to very large environments
  • Enables seamless integration with other datacenter management tools

Learn about ClusterStor Professional Services >


File System Performance
Usable File System Capacity
Cluster Management Unit (CMU)
Management Network
Maximum Files
Warranty: Hardware
Warranty: Software
Up to 42 GB/s per rack sustained reads and writes
1,691 TB per rack using 4TB SAS HDDs
High availability server attached to storage enclosure
1 Gigabit Ethernet (single or dual management network)
Up to 2.4 Billion
1 Year
90 Days

ClusterStor Professional Services (CPS)

Accelerate Time to Results, Maximize Application Performance with CPS

In today’s emerging technology markets — such as HPC and Big Data — we believe professional services plays a key fundamental and distinguishing role to ensure your end user experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our highly trained ClusterStor Professional Services (CPS) team ensures efficient, skillful and knowledgeable delivery on each phase of your adoption and use of ClusterStor scale-out data storage solutions. CPS enables rapid capture, execution and tailoring of advanced system parameters optimally matched with your unique system environment and application characteristics.

Why Engage ClusterStor Professional Services?

  • CPS delivers unique advantage and value:
  • Best practice service methodologies and a consistent implementation framework
  • Enables rapid deployment of the highest-performance, best-in-class scale-out data storage solutions and seamless integration into your application environment
  • Deep and pragmatic expertise in the Lustre open source parallel file system
  • Highly trained architects, service consultants and field engineers with experience to execute quality controlled and personalized solutions

More about ClusterStor Courses and Product Optimization Services >

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