Discovery Channel Korea uses Seagate enterprise HDDs for its content broadcasting services

Discovery Channel Korea Uses Seagate HDDs For Content Broadcasting

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Seagate Case Study: Discovery Channel Korea

Discovery Channel Korea provides viewers with documentaries and high-quality nonfiction programs in the fields of nature, science and technology, ancient and modern history, adventure, culture, and current affairs. In April 2011, Discovery Channel Korea was launched through a strategic alliance with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, a unit of the world’s number one nonfiction media company, Discovery Communications.

Since that time, the channel has also produced local content to provide greater relevance to Korean viewers and offer international viewers a better understanding of the country. These local programs include Korea Next, a series of five documentaries created by the winners of Discovery Channel’s First Time Filmmakers (FTFM) Korea.

The series highlights the next chapter of the Korean Dream in the 21st century and showcases the true essence of the country at the confluence of an amazing multiplicity, where natural beauty, traditions, cultures, religions, festivals, lifestyles, music, movies and television all merge seamlessly with technology. There are more programs being produced and aired that focus on contemporary Korean topics, such as the Saemangeum Sea Reclamation Project, KTX (Korean Train Express) and the construction of the Incheon Bridge.

At this point, all of its content is preserved on electronic storage devices. Each program is stored twice for backup purposes. Therein lies the challenge—the company’s storage requirements are massive and demanding. As the company has continued to grow and produce new programs, it has had to expand its storage needs and purchase additional storage products every one to two years.

With massive content and round-the-clock programming comes the need for strong and secure storage and bandwidth. Discovery Channel Korea utilizes an internal storage system with a total capacity of 20TB: ten enterprise-class hard drives (each with 2TB of capacity) housed in a NETSTOR NA770A external enclosure. In addition, Discovery Channel Korea also utilizes three networked IBM and two networked Macintosh computers for video editing.

Discovery Channel Korea transmits and receives its broadcast content from Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific via a 24-hour-a-day server connection system, Signiant, which transmits content on a file basis and is a highly sophisticated transmitting and receiving system capable of detecting errors as small as a single bit of data.

The challenge in this case is to purchase HDDs that are robust and have extensive error correction to help protect data integrity so that there is no disruption to content delivery. Prior to its investment in Seagate enterprise-class drives, Discovery Channel Korea encountered minor issues with bad sectors in drives.

For this reason, the company decided to put its faith in Seagate hard drives, because of their reputation for reliable enterprise-class products and strong after-sales support services.

Hee-sung Shin, team manager, Media Distribution Team, Discovery Channel Korea, said, “Reliability of the storage system is the key for our content broadcasting services. We are currently using Seagate enterprise hard drives for our major day-to-day content editing and transmitting work. As a result, we are able to offer stabilized services for our viewers.”

In order to maintain its stability, Discovery Channel Korea uses a total of 8TB of Seagate enterprise HDDs housed within the STADOM 8-Bay system to make sure it runs on schedule.

Separately, Discovery Channel Korea maintains secure storage of its various content on Seagate HDDs (3TB capacity each). The installation and storage process was painless.

Currently it is storing its entire content with a total of 30TB of storage capacity on Seagate enterprise HDDs. Discovery Channel Korea needs to be able to store, retrieve and archive content seamlessly and effortlessly.

The reliability of high-capacity storage devices is important as we provide more high-definition TV content, and the means of transmitting content is also changing from conventional broadcast tape to electronic files. We use Seagate hard drives for their high quality and performance, as well as Seagate post-sales service.”

We are currently using Seagate enterprise hard drives for our major day-to-day content editing and transmitting work. As a result, we are able to offer stabilized services for our viewers.”
Hee-sung Shin
Discovery Channel Korea

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