Case Study Photographer Eric Blackmon Relies on the Seagate Backup Plus Fast for Speed

Photographing celebs like guitarist Slash and tennis player Serena Williams, alongside capturing beachside weddings and high-fashion shoots, requires reliable, fast equipment that works on the road. So freelance photographer Eric Blackmon depends on Seagate Backup Plus Fast portable drives to carry the untold number of digital photos he takes on a job.

Backup Plus Is Fast on Location

“I use it every day,” Blackmon says of the 4TB drive. “It’s super fast when transferring files to it from camera/SD cards, and it’s very small so it doesn’t take up much room in my camera bag.” He’s constantly transferring photos to the Backup Plus Fast drive while shooting on location, whether an exotic site as background for a print ad or a skate park for action pictures. Then, when he needs to transfer photos at clients’ locations to review and edit images, the Fast drive is, well, fast and efficient for that too. “Time is money,” Blackmon notes, “It’s very fast, so that saves me time.”

Storage Everywhere He Goes

With twice the capacity of other portable hard drives, it's no surprise that Blackmon’s photography business has made good use of this drive. “It lets me keep years of current photos in one location,” explains Blackmon.

But he’s not in one location for very long. Los Angeles, California, may be his home base, but he has clients and projects all over the U.S. and even around the world. Backup Plus Fast drives are “basically an extension of my computer that I can always have with me.” They go where Blackmon goes, for business and pleasure: “I also use another one that lets me travel with my entire music and movie collection on one drive.”

Ideal Combination of Speed and Space

“Groundbreaking,” is how Blackmon describes the 4TB Backup Plus Fast drive. “I haven’t needed to use anything else since I started using these drives.” This photographer may finally have met his match with a hard drive that works as hard as he does.

“Time is money. It’s very fast, so that saves me time.”
—Eric Blackmon, Photographer


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