ETegro Racks Up Higher Performance and Lower Cost

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Seagate-ETegro Enterprise HDD Case Study

As data centers grow, data center providers face the challenge of how to maximize storage and performance, while keeping cost, space and power consumption low. Providers want solutions that maintain appropriate temperatures for equipment and allow ease of maintenance.

That’s why ETegro is the perfect solution. By using Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware, ETegro offers innovative mechanical designs that are power efficient and space conscious, while reducing deployment and operational costs. Everything is designed for hot and cold aisle data centers, with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. ETegro pairs cutting-edge hardware with an extensive knowledge of data centers, making them the best choice for determining the right mix of OCP technologies and customizations required to meet customer needs.

What Is OCP?
OCP is a community formed by Facebook engineers with the goal of building the most efficient computing infrastructures at the lowest possible cost. All software, servers and data centers are custom designed from the ground up and nearly all aspects of the designs are shared with everyone. The result is a custom data center composed of custom servers that are 38% more efficient and 24% less expensive to build and run than other state-of-the-art data centers.

The OCP chose to start work with a clean slate so they would have complete control over every part of the system. This allows them to remove anything from their designs that does not contribute to efficiency, improve the way electricity is distributed to their servers, and eliminate the need for a central uninterruptible power supply.

OCP hardware is made with fewer components than traditional hardware, making for lighter, less expensive units. By keeping things simple, deployment can be made toolless and maintenance is easier. Fewer components also means less can go wrong, improving mean time between failures (MTBF).

Benefits of OCP to ETegro
ETegro leverages OCP’s Open Rack design in its products. An OCP rack is 21 inches wide inside, while keeping with the outside 600mm standard. Most conventional racks are 19 inches wide inside. While an OCP rack contains three OCP compute nodes, a conventional rack can only hold two compute nodes. The OCP rack’s additional space permits greater compute density, storage capacity and airflow, which improves cooling efficiency. Because OCP racks centralize power supplies, energy use is more efficiently distributed amongst nodes, allowing for lower power consumption, less messy cabling and higher cost savings.

Designed for Easy Maintenance
OCP designs are made for hot and cold aisle data centers and easy installation and maintenance. 80% of service parts are not only toolless, but can be replaced from cold aisles. Traditional data centers usually contain servers that use individual power supply units (PSU). These units require a lot of cabling and access from the hot aisle for maintenance. With OCP’s design, a centralized, redundant PSU with hot-swappable modules replaces the traditional individual PSU per server arrangement. Additionally, the PSU can be serviced from the cold aisle. Because there are fewer components and service is simpler, overall cost is lower.

OCP Rack Specifications  

Power Budget 12.5KW (single power zone) or
25KW (dual power zone) or
36KW (triple power zone)
Rack Dimension 600mm (24") W x 2200mm (86.6") H x 1067mm (42") D 42 OU (Open Unit) height for Open Rack-compliant systems (1 OU = 1.89") 3 OU reserved for each power shelf 2 OU reserved for switches with each power shelf
Networking Up to four standard network switches
Service Cold aisle access service design
Power Subsystem Up to three centralized redundant power shelves Each power shelf contains 5+1 redundant PSUs Each power shelf provides total 12.5KW with 2500W PSUs Support 208V or 230V 3-phase 50A power

ETegro Solutions
All ETegro solutions are focused on obtaining high-performance, energy-efficient configurations for data centers, large enterprise and server message block (SMB) segments that rely on standard rack infrastructure.

The company uses an ISO9001-2008 certified quality control system to ensure each unit is of the highest quality. All ETegro products comply with all European regulations.

ETegro and Seagate
As a fellow contributor to OCP, Seagate understands the requirements of OCP-based systems. Seagate offers a wide variety of enterprise-capacity 3.5 hard disk drives (HDDs) for use with ETegro solutions. In general, all variations of the Seagate® Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD are perfect for use with ETegro solutions and offer:

  • 25% nearline performance boost to help data center providers meet their Service Level Agreements
  • Lowered total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing the highest capacity drive for data growth
  • A stabilized platform. This HDD is built on an eighth-generation platform and optimized for 24×7 storage environments.
  • Secure bulk data storage with a self-encrypting drive (SED)

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