The Goddess Project

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The Goddess Project Finds True Inspiration Everywhere and Brings It Home

Documentaries are a constant source of inspiration because of their ability to tell a story in an original and compelling way. However, the Goddess Project goes quite a bit further and has taken to the road with two young and determined women filmmakers— two women who are not waiting for the stories to come to them. Two women who are on a mission to capture some of the most amazing, uplifting stories on their own.

Embarking on a journey that lasted six months and eventually tallied over 10,000 miles, these two filmmakers set out to educate and inspire others to create and transform the world. They interviewed over 100 women, all of whom shared unique life experiences. Each one shared how she could have an impact on those around her, even in the face of some of the most difficult challenges.

With the tools of the trade ready, including Backup Plus hard drives from Seagate, the two filmmakers worked out of coffee shops, at the dinner tables of strangers, and from their converted minivan to capture all of these moving and insightful moments.

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