Gaming at a blazing speed—Seagate SSDs provide fast access to gamers’ favorite titles

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Avid gamer Eileen Sim, 25, is used to waiting. As the senior marketing executive from Singapore-based gaming company Infocomm Asia Holdings (IAH), Sim spends most of her days on the computer, either working or playing games. This means that she has to wait—for her computer to boot up, for applications to load and for games to fire up.

The long wait for games and applications to start can be repeatedly frustrating, especially when she spends 23 to 25 hours a week playing games, like her favorite game Counter-Strike Online. This is why Sim understands and appreciates the various frustrations and agitation that users face every day when they fire up their games.

Her two-year old brand-name laptop relies on a traditional HDD—something quite common today—to spin up whenever she fires up the system or gets started with her favorite games.

Her laptop took as much as five minutes just to get started—long enough to spoil the gaming experience from the start. Since the experience is similar among her friends and fellow gamers, she accepted it as the norm.

“When I turned on my laptop at work, it took so long that I would go make a cup of coffee, then come back to the laptop,” said Sim. “By that time, the laptop would have just booted up."

“It’s so tedious just to turn on the laptop,” she said. The result was a poor all-around gaming and computing experience for Sim

She wanted more processing power, reduced boot-up time and an enhanced gaming experience, so she decided to invest in a Seagate SSD.

“Gaming is so much better in terms of the whole experience when there is no need to wait for the games to load or when switching from application to application and, especially, when the laptop does not freeze or hang.”

Booting up faster

Sim now uses a 240GB Seagate 600 SSD, a 2.5-inch drive, for her laptop. The result is a much-improved PC gaming experience

The upgrade over her old HDD provided her with speedier boot-ups and games that fire up much faster and run at blazing speed

How fast? Three times as fast, she estimates, after the new lease of life provided to her aging laptop. After a month of use, she is not looking back

The answer for many gamers, laptop and PC users lies in switching to SSD, she reasoned. By accessing data much faster than traditional drives, SSDs bring visibly faster performance, even to old PCs

And since data is stored on memory chips on an SSD instead of a spinning hard disk, SSDs are also hardy and not easily prone to damage when carried around, say, in a laptop

She added: “Many gamers are multitaskers and usually have many windows open. Now I can have different applications open and the performance is still excellent. There is no lag in performance. I can switch in and out of applications quickly and effectively. Also, the great thing is that the data is safe, even if the SSD is dropped.”

Indeed, the SSD upgrade has saved her many headaches and possibly even performance anxiety during gameplay, she explained. “In the past, when I have multiple windows open, the applications will run slowly or may frequently hang.”

She added: “This results in wasted time, as I have to force quit, restart the application or even reboot the laptop. A fast boot-up is important and is the foundation of all things. In the past, big game files took a long time to respond.”

“With the SSD, the applications on my laptop run like they are on speed. The laptop is turbocharged and I can get my favorite content with lightning-fast performance. I can also create, store and consume digital content without spending a whole bunch of money.”

Her advice to gamers? Get a Seagate SSD.

“While most online games can be played on PCs or laptops on minimum specs, I would still advise users to invest in an SSD, as it would definitely improve your quality of life,” she stressed. For her, the upgrade to the Seagate SSD has been, “beneficial for my mental health.”

On choosing Seagate over its rivals, she said the company’s long-standing reputation for reliability counted most. “Using an SSD improves battery life as well. Seagate, as a company, has been around for a long time, which is important to me because I count on my laptop for my work and my play. My laptop is, therefore, critical to my existence, and I want to know that the SSD I use is reliable and provides consistent performance.”

The Seagate 600 SSD is available with capacities up to 480GB and in multiple z-heights, including 5mm, which make it ideal for most ultra-thin devices as well as standard laptop systems. The drive comes in a 2.5-form factor and is compatible with the latest advance technology attachment (SATA 6Gb/s) interface.

While most online games can be played on PCs or laptops on minimum specs, I would still advise users to invest in an SSD, as it would definitely improve your quality of life,” she stressed. For her, the upgrade to the Seagate SSD has been, “beneficial for my mental health.” —Eileen Sim, avid gamer

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