Backup Plus Fast Lets Photographer Be in Two Places at Once

Judy Stephens

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Backups are important, we’ve all been told that. But when you’re shooting amazing images for a comics powerhouse or photographing wildly dressed cosplayers at conventions and have to frequently move digital files around different devices, you need multiple backups. One computer or backup drive won’t do. Freelance photographer and associate producer for Marvel Entertainment Judy Stephens needs to be in two places at once—or at least her backups need to be. That’s why she now depends on the Seagate® Backup Plus Fast portable drive.

“After I photograph a job, I copy photos to two places, typically my laptop and my Seagate Backup Plus Fast,” Stephens explains. Then she processes the photos for the project, whether it’s a convention, a client or a Marvel event around New York City. “After delivery, I make sure the photos are backed up, again, in two places, including the Fast hard drive, which allows me to carry around a mini-archive of jobs.”

4TB of Storage in Your Bag

Saving work to two places is common among the pros, both for security and convenience. Stephens takes a collection of digital files with her on the job, whether to show her portfolio, review a project in progress or just get some work done, and the Backup Plus Fast drive’s portability and vast storage space are an upgrade. She notes: “Before this hard drive, I had to limit the jobs I could carry around with me to my hard drive and laptop, and now with the Backup Plus Fast, I can carry up to four times more jobs.” She calls it “a mini-archive in my bag, with me at all times, with no extra cables or plugs.”

Backups, Plus High Performance

But Stephens finds that Backup Plus Fast is more than just a handy backup drive—it’s a workhorse. “I’m constantly processing and moving photos from different computers and locations. This hard drive allows me to process and move these easier and faster.” The drive has become a regular part of her photography workflow, as she explains, “For larger photos’ files, such as over 100MB, I can process the actual file on the hard drive, including saving regularly, with no noticeable loss of speed or functionality.”

With over 28,000 photos accumulated to produce just one of her cosplay showcase books, Stephens has a clear need for storage. She’s satisfied with the Backup Plus Fast drive’s performance: “I have gone through tens of hard drives over the last 10 years as a digital photographer, and this new hard drive is above and beyond the best I've owned so far.” And she’d recommend it to others who need to be in two places at once: “For any photographer or videographer, the Fast hard drive is an incredible value for any job with the size and speed, saving me time, money and resources.”

“For any photographer or videographer, the Fast hard drive is an incredible value for any job with the size and speed, saving me time, money and resources.”
—Judy Stephens, Freelance Photographer and Associate Producer, Marvel Entertainment

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