Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD Helps Haier Group Succeed in China Tablet PC Market

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD Helps Haier Group Succeed in China Tablet PC Market

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Based in Qingdao, China, the Haier Group is a leading Chinese multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company, specializing  in a wide range of products, including air conditioners,  mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and televisions.  Haier has one of the world’s largest market shares of heavy durable consumer goods at 7.8%. In 2012, Haier earned a profit of US$1.9 billion on revenue of US$2.68 billion; by 2013, Haier was the leading global home appliance brand four years in a row according to Euromonitor International. Furthermore, Boston Consulting Group named Haier to their list—The Most Innovative Companies 2012: The State of the Art in Leading Industries—as the only Chinese company in the top ten, as well as the number one consumer products retailer. On the list, Haier ranked eighth—between  Sony and Amazon.

For over ten years, Seagate has had a strategic cooperation  relationship with Haier, a relationship that has helped expand business and growth for both companies. And when Haier was researching and qualifying the best storage device for their next-generation, 13-inch tablet PC, HDDs from Seagate topped their list—in particular,  the Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD. In addition to delivering  nearly the same power, performance and reliability of a flash device, the Ultra Mobile HDD provides up to 7× the storage capacity of a typical 64GB tablet. Also, the 500GB hard drive has a 5mm z-height, weighs just 3.3 oz, and leverages zero-gravity sensors that provide extra protection when a device is dropped or in a freefall.

With these advantages, the Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD stood out among similar products in Haier’s new project bid, but finally  became the exclusive HDD for the latest Haier 13-inch tablet PC—the Sailing P13A. “Seagate has established  business alliances with Haier and made a joint commitment  in customer service, business development and technical support areas. The Ultra Mobile HDD enables Haier to comfortably fit high-capacity storage into its tablet PC,” according to Sandy Sun, vice president and general manager for Seagate in China.

The Ultra Mobile HDD has different  power modes while it’s in sleep, standby or idle—enabling  power consumption as low as 0.14W when in idle mode. In turn, this supports the long battery life demanded by tablets and tablet PCs alike. In addition, the hard drive’s slim, rugged design allows it to be utilized in emerging applications like convertible  and detachable storage.

Leveraging over 30 years of customer and manufacturing experience, the high-capacity Seagate 2.5-inch Ultra Mobile HDD delivers the highest areal density available in a small, ultrathin  form factor while having the capability of storing up to 100,000 photos, 125,000 songs, or 62 hours of high-definition video and movies.

Seagate is a long-term strategic partner. Designed for business professionals, the tablet PC is striving to become lighter and thinner. We will keep strengthening our research and development cooperation with Seagate into the future.”

ZhouZhaolin, generalmanager, HaierComputer

As 5mm HDDs become the standard for PC tablets and ultrabooks,  often replacing the popular 7mm HDDs in many applications,  Haier believes the Ultra Mobile HDD is a great alternative to flash storage. It can comfortably fit into Haier’s new PC tablet with its unique usage requirements  and with the added benefit of high capacity while maintaining a significant pricing advantage.

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