Seagate Helps Tinydot Photography Make Memories Last

Seagate Helps Tinydot Photography Make Memories Last

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Tinydot Photography Project

Tinydot Photography is on the go and busier than ever. The Singapore-based wedding photography studio is passionate about capturing those special wedding memories, from the intimacy of the ceremony, to the playfulness and laughter of the bridesmaids  and guests before the big moment, to the joyous and unexpected reunions of friends and family after so many years. This talented group of photographers captures all of these moments together; individually, each photographer brings a unique perspective as the day unfolds.

As a small business, Tinydot understands the need to make the right investment to help preserve and store their client’s digital photos for as long as needed. “Our clients’ photos are obviously very important to us,” says Tinydot’s K.C. Wong.  Using three Seagate storage products—Business Storage, Central and Wireless Plus—has made Tinydot more confident that these precious memories will stay safe and secure. And that they can easily find what they need when they need it!

The Seagate® Business Storage 4-bay NAS is easy to set up and allowed Tinydot to back up and centralize their images in one location. And with included backup software for Windows®, Time Machine® compatibility and RAID protection, the Tinydot team finds it equally simple to keep their images protected and to collaborate with each another during production. Yu Shin of Tinydot also likes the features that Seagate Central offers, such as the capability to wirelessly stream media to gaming consoles, media players and smart TVs. He also likes the social media feature, which automatically backs up his Facebook photos. Both Seagate products have inspired confidence with the Tinydot staff as they strive to capture and preserve those unique moments.

When on the go, the Tinydot staff finds it much easier to store and carry all their digital media and videos using the 1TB Seagate Wireless Plus portable drive. There is no need to access the Internet since all their content can be wirelessly streamed with the drive’s built-in Wi-Fi and through the free Seagate Media App for iPad®, iPhone®, Kindle Fire and Android® devices.

Business Storage, Central and Wireless Plus hard drives demonstrate how Seagate products have assisted small businesses, like TinyDot and others, to improve their daily operations. As Tinydot’s Dazza summarizes, “They are pretty cool, such that they are now part of our workflow, at work and home.”

Find out more about their experience with Seagate external storage solutions.

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