Take Your Movies and Music Everywhere

Take Your Movies and Music Everywhere

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What better way to make the best use of your time while on a long road trip or tedious plane flight than by watching some cool new movies or listening to your favorite tunes. Seems like you could load everything you want on your smartphone or tablet, but it’s easy to max out the capacity. These devices usually start with just 16GB in storage, and when just one high-definition movie takes up 5GB, you might not have enough room on your iPhone or iPad to keep you entertained through all your travels.

But a handy wireless drive like the Seagate® Wireless Plus can store thousands of movies, tons of music, and more to keep you occupied while on the road. This  mobile storage device can also stream three different movies to three people at the same time, so everyone in the family can watch their own thing.

Watching Movies on Your Tablet in the Car

Passengers in the car can enjoy movies during a long ride with a tablet or smartphone, especially if you also have a streaming device like the Wireless Plus. Here’s how:

  1. Install the free Seagate Media app on your Apple or Android device
  2. Download all your movies to the Wireless Plus —you can store over 500 movies or thousands of songs, photos and documents.
  3. From the Seagate Media app, select Videos to display all your movie content on the Wireless Plus device.
  4. Tap the movie you want to play. Enjoy.

Three different people in the car can watch their own choice of movies from the Wireless Plus on their iPads or other devices (But make sure everyone has their own headphones!).

Watching Movies on Your Tablet on a Plane

If you’re heading off on a plane, you can watch tons more movies than are offered by the in-flight entertainment system. Load up the Wireless Plus with your favorite films or new movies you want to see, then follow the same steps as for viewing in the car.  At barely half a pound, the Wireless Plus will add very little weight to your luggage.

Taking an international flight? The Wireless Plus has up to 10 hours of battery life, but if you forgot to charge it before leaving home, check SeatGuru.com to find out if your airplane’s seat has access to a power charger.

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