Do More Save Your Purchased Movie Downloads to Watch Anywhere

Supersize your iPad and other mobile devices as Seagate® Wireless Plus stores and streams 500GB of media without wires or web


When you travel or just have time to kill, everybody pulls out a smartphone or tablet to surf the Web, watch a video, or listen to some tunes. But what if you have a huge digital library of movies and music? Those phones and iPads only come with so much space, which easily gets filled up when you download apps and take a lot of photos or videos. This is where the Seagate® Wireless Plus device comes in.

Whether you’re cruising on a long drive, working in a coffee shop, or leaving on a jet plane, hundreds of high-definition movies and thousands upon thousands of songs can be at your fingertips - without cumbersome cables.

If you’ve been buying movies from the iTunes Store, Amazon.com, or Google Play, you can take them with you on holiday and store them wirelessly, and three people can watch three different movies at the same time, all streaming from the Wireless Plus device. The convenient car charger means Wireless Plus is ideal for entertaining children during long car rides, and the 7 hours of battery life* makes it convenient for air travel too. Limited iPad storage is a thing of the past.

Seagate Satellite Wireless stores up to 500GB of media for sharing and streaming while on the road.

Move Your Digital Movies On to Wireless Plus

It’s easy to take your media wherever you go. When you buy digital downloads, just load them up on the Wireless Plus device. 

First, purchase your favourite movies from the site you prefer. Whether the iTunes Store, Amazon.com, Google Play, or another provider, you can usually**choose to download the movies you buy or sometimes even download rented movies.

Once the movies are on your mobile device or computer, then it’s simple to load them up onto the Wireless Plus device:

  1. Connect to the Wireless Plus network from the device where you’ve downloaded your movies.
  2. From the Wireless Plus main screen, navigate to one of the media views: Videos, Photos, Music, Documents.
  3. Click the Upload button on the top menu.
  4. Enter the file name or click Browse and then locate the file you want to copy to your Wireless Plus device.
  5. Click Upload. The file will be added to the category you selected.

Now you can take more than 300 HD movies***with you and watch them wherever you go, no wires necessary. You can start downloading data for all your travels, whether to work at a cafe or to see the world.

—By Trystan L Bass

* Exact battery life subject to product model, normal usage conditions, and configurations.
** Digital rights management (DRM) settings for purchased content is established by content providers and may render some content unavailable for download.
*** Quantitative usage examples for various applications are for illustrative purposes. Actual quantities will vary based on several factors, including file size, file format, features and application software.


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Save Your Purchased Movie Downloads to Watch Anywhere

Store, stream, share 500GB of media without wires

Save Your Purchased Movie Downloads to Watch Anywhere

Store, stream, share 500GB of media without wires

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