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Share files to your social media accounts and save your online photos and videos automatically to your external drive


Preloaded on every Backup Plus drive is the new Seagate Dashboard. Designed with simplicity in mind, it is easy to protect, share and save what you have, and even protect what you have shared. And backing up your system is automatic, once you have created the backup plan in a few easy steps. All in one simple interface.

Seagate Dashboard’s Protect, Share and Save options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 1. Seagate Dashboard’s initial screen

Seagate Dashboard is built to give you the things that you use front and centre, with none of the extraneous items that you do not need. For example, Mac users with Time Machine will see a different interface, with different functionality, than a user on a Windows PC. It is all designed to eliminate confusion and make the tools that you need easier to find.

Installing Seagate Dashboard

You will find the Dashboard software on your drive when you connect it to your computer, so there is no installation disc to keep track of. To install the Dashboard software on your computer, double click the file (.dmg for Mac, .exe for PC) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Seagate Dashboard’s Installation options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 2: Seagate Dashboard Installer files

During installation, if you are using a Mac, you will be prompted to select whether you want to use your drive on both Mac computers and PCs, or only Mac or only PC. (If you select only Mac, the drive will reformat itself to integrate with Mac applications such as Time Machine. This only takes a few minutes.)

Here are more details about each of the main features.

Protect options (Windows PC only)

From the Home screen, choose Protect to view all the backup functionality for your drive.

Seagate Dashboard’s Protect options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 3: Seagate Dashboard Protect options

When you first open Protect, or if you have not yet backed up any data, you will see two options: Protect Now and New Backup Plan.

Protect Now: Create your first backup

When you choose Protect Now, Backup Plus will immediately start backing up all your non-system files automatically and save changes continuously as you make them (continuous backup). Just one click and you are covered.

New Backup Plan: Create a custom backup plan

Or choose New Backup Plan, where you can set up a continuous backup, regular scheduled backups, or take a one-time snapshot of all your files and folders. (You can choose which files and folders.) All in just a few clicks.

Once you have a backup plan in place, just click the pencil icon to make changes. You can

  • Change the frequency of your backups (monthly, weekly, daily or hourly)
  • Select specific sets of files or folders to be backed up
  • Change the destination for your backups

For more detailed information on setting up backups, read How to set up a backup with a Seagate Backup Plus drive in Windows. You can also get assistance from the Help screen.

Seagate Dashboard’s Help options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 4: Seagate Dashboard Help options

Share options

With the Seagate Dashboard, your photos and videos are not trapped on your Backup Plus drive as they can be with other drives. That is because you can share photos and videos directly to your Facebook, Flickr or YouTube accounts — directly from your drive.

Click on Share in the Dashboard. Then choose among the social media sites presented, to log in to your accounts.

Seagate Dashboard’s Share options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 5: Seagate Dashboard Share options

It is then easy for you to navigate through your photo and video files, select the files you want to share and, in Facebook or Flickr, choose the album to share to. You can even create a new album right in the Dashboard.

Seagate Dashboard’s Facebook Share and Save options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 6: Selecting files in Facebook

Seagate Dashboard’s Flickr Share and Save options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 7: Selecting files in Flickr

Because Dashboard only shows shareable files, it is easier to find what you are looking for. And you only need to log in to your different accounts once, unless you choose to log out.

With Backup Plus and the Seagate Dashboard, you can keep photos and videos safe and still share them with the people in your life.

Save options

The Save feature in Dashboard lets you download and save the photos that you have shared online. Think about it: how many photos do you have on Facebook or Flickr that you do not have saved anywhere else?

You snap a great shot on your phone or tablet, upload it, and then it gets deleted from your device. Many of these photos are just as irreplaceable as those on your computer. Fortunately, Save makes protecting them easy too.

Choose Save to pull up the Facebook and Flickr icons, and click to log in (if you have not already done so). You can download all your photos to a new folder with a single click.

Select the Auto-Save box, and whenever you are logged in, Dashboard will automatically back up any new photos that you have uploaded to that site.

Seagate Dashboard’s Save options on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 8: Saving files in Facebook and Flickr

It is the one-click way to extend your peace of mind beyond your computer.

Changing your settings

To manage your Dashboard settings, such as disabling certain social networks or updating your software version, click the Settings icon or navigate to the Dashboard Preferences.

Seagate Dashboard’s settings on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 9: Dashboard Settings

For more detailed information about using Dashboard, download the free Dashboard User’s Guide or view any of the following videos.

Seagate Dashboard’s instructional videos on its Backup Plus family of external drives

FIGURE 10: Backup Plus and Dashboard videos

We hope that you have found this quick review of the Seagate Dashboard in the Backup Plus family of hard drives helpful. And that it helps you store, protect, back up – and relax.

-By JJ Gray


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