Remote Data Recovery Business

Mission-Critical Data Recovery

Enterprise-level Remote Recovery can help recover critical and sensitive business data that has been lost, quickly and in complete confidence. Our technicians simply access the affected hard drive(s) or other data storage units over a secure online connection in order to recover your damaged or deleted files. We service all brands of storage devices, and also offer enterprise recovery (server applications, databases, email servers and virtual environments) and remote recovery for RAID 0, RAID 5 to RAID 60 as well as virtualisation and hypervisor technologies such as VMWare ESXi, vSphere and MS Hyper-V.


Recover from data loss issues

When logical failures occur on a physical server or virtual server, Seagate Remote Recovery can help. We can resolve data loss from virus infections, unintentional partitioning, accidental formatting, deletions, power failure, memory overflow and other critical data loss issues. If your affected drives are physically operational, Remote Recovery is often your best option.


Resolve your data loss issue immediately

In a complex enterprise IT infrastructure, data recovery is critically time sensitive – and Seagate Remote Recovery experts specialise in accelerating the process. Remote access eliminates the need for shipping and waiting, so your data recovery is expedited – often on the same day.

Secure and confidential

Your data never leaves your system. Our technicians work via a secure Internet connection to restore your data within your own network. And our innovative tools put you in control of user permissions, protecting the confidentiality of your data.


Easy, efficient and convenient

The process is simple Simply authorise Seagate Remote Recovery to connect to your systems, and we take it from there, recovering and restoring quickly and precisely. And you can keep your business up and running when you schedule your data recovery session at a time that limits downtime.

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Need more options?

Learn more about our other critical data recovery services for businesses, including 24x7 critical data recovery and extended in-lab services.

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