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Personal Cloud Trends

Consumers have been using cloud services and accessing storage in the cloud for years without realising it. Email, social networking and online banking services are the most popular services. Smartphones and tablets take this dependence on cloud services to a new level. Seagate products allow for anywhere, anytime access to data and files across these devices. Trends in personal and home clouds:

  • Wide-scale adoption of cloud services in the home, starting with the use of email
  • Consumer storage products, offering users the ability to access personal files from home, from anywhere, on any device
  • Reliance on mobile devices with low storage capacity and app-based solutions to access content
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Anywhere Access to Content in the Home

Connecting directly to content stored at home while travelling used be impossible or require a high pain threshold. The latest generation of storage products drastically simplifies and extends the need to connect to content. As broadband connectivity and mobile data rates become faster and more prevalent, the only limiting factor to connecting to content while on the road is network service.

  • Installation of connected storage devices in the home has been simplified
  • Upload and download speeds have increased dramatically
  • Digital storage libraries (photos, music and video) are at an all-time high and continue to grow

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