Beyond 2TB

Thank you for purchasing a new hard drive from Seagate. You are only minutes away from unlocking all the capacity of your new hard drive. Please download the new DiscWizard™ software to configure your drive to best meet your needs.


Getting the most out of your over-2TB hard drive

Using a hard drive larger than 2.1TB on Windows-based computer systems may require special setup considerations:

Operating System BIOS Boot Disc Data Disc
Windows 7
Windows Vista
UEFI BIOS* Supported by Windows 64-bit only Supported by Windows
Windows 7
Windows Vista
PC BIOS Use DiscWizard Software Supported by Windows
Windows XP PC BIOS Use DiscWizard Software Use DiscWizard Software
* Universal Extensible Firmware Interface



Compatibility Highlights

- If your system uses the Intel RST driver, your 3TB disc drive may appear to be 800GB. See our support article about the Intel RST driver.

- System memory requirement is 1GB and higher for 32-bit systems and 2GB and higher for 64-bit systems.

- Seagate DiscWizard software installs a device driver to achieve full capacity on Legacy BIOS systems.

- Windows systems with legacy BIOS using DiscWizard will need two partitions on the boot drive to achieve full capacity.

- Windows 7 and Windows Vista native support for 3TB non-bootable data drives is with GPT partitions, available on all systems.

- Windows 7 and Windows Vista native support for bootable 3TB drives is on UEFI BIOS systems and uses GPT partitions only.