Do More How to Back Up With Time Machine

Easily and automatically back up your data from your Mac to an external drive

How to Back Up With Time Machine

If you have a Mac with OS X, you have a built-in way to backup your files. Use Time Machine with an external drive like Seagate® Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive and your data, photos, documents will be secure in a snap. Time Machine can automatically back up everything on your computer in just a few steps so you don’t have to worry about it.

Backing up to a portable external drive with Time Machine:

  1. Plug in your Backup Plus or Slim portable external drive.
  2. Open Time Machine.
  3. If you haven’t set up Time Machine yet, you’ll be asked to do so. Click the Set Up Time Machine button.
  4. Click Select Backup Disk.
  5. Select the drive connected to your Mac, and click Use for Backup. Now the backup drive is ready, and the next Time Machine backup will start in 120 seconds.

If you had previously set up Time Machine to back up to your hard drive, open Time Machine and click Select Disk to choose the external drive.


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