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Jumper Basics

Jumpers are small metallic pins that protrude from the end of a hard drive or from its circuit board. Jumpers are used to configure the hard drive options, such as defining master and slave or cable select.

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Poorly ventilated system cases can shorten the life of a hard drive

Ambient air temperatures of 95°F (35°C) or greater and poor ventilation from the smaller case designs of Shuttle boxes, LAN party boxes, racks, cabinets and drawers, can shorten the life of your hard disc.

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Can I physically install my drive sideways, upside down or vertically?

All Seagate and Maxtor-brand hard drives can be fitted sideways or upside down. As long as they are not moved during use and receive sufficient cooling, it is irrelevant in which direction they are mounted.

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How can I troubleshoot time-out errors for SCSI drives?

Troubleshooting and Configuration Tips for SCSI Time Outs

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