Seagate laptop hard drives deliver industry-leading innovation for every mobile market need, offering superior performance, reliability and value.

Seagate desktop hard drives deliver optimal performance for every desktop computing need—from entry-level workstations to high-performance gaming systems.

Seagate leads the industry in developing solid state and hybrid storage technologies for extreme performance, reliability and endurance.

With more than 30 years of experience in the enterprise storage market, Seagate consistently designs, builds and supports the industry’s highest quality enterprise server drives.

Seagate video storage solutions drive innovation for applications like DVRs, media centers and surveillance systems.

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How to Choose Between SSD, SSHD, HDD Storage for Your Laptop

How to Choose Between SSD, SSHD, HDD Storage for Your Laptop

HDDs offer capacity and low price. SSDs are fast. SSHDs combine the best of both HDD and SSD.

Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys photographed by Xi Zhinong, who stores his digital assets on Seagate hard drives

Storage Is a Potent Weapon for Protecting Endangered Species

Wildlife photographer Xi Zhinong covers China’s vast countryside


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