Blazing speed. Massive capacity.

Barracuda® XT desktop hard drives deliver deluxe computing power, offering the high performance and capacity demanded by modern computer enthusiasts.

  • Massive 3TB and 2TB capacities for storage-craving games and high-definition video
  • Top-end, 7200-RPM desktop performance
  • Large cache (64MB) optimizes burst performance and reduces bottlenecks
  • SATA 6GB/s interface* enables use of the newest, fastest controllers

*Fully compatible with legacy SATA 1.5Gb/s and SATA 3Gb/s interfaces

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Pure power.

Today's content demands more from your computer. In addition to the industry's biggest available cache (64MB) and a SATA 6Gb/s interface for extreme transfer speed, Barracuda® XT desktop hard drives feature:

  • Native Command Queuing for efficient organization of incoming commands
  • Perpendicular magnetic recording technology that increases data density, reliability and performance
  • User-configurability for optimal capacity and performance
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High capacity for work or play.

Barracuda XT desktop hard drives offer enormous storage capacities that easily accommodate the most formidable files. The 3TB model of this desktop hard drive can store up to 65 hours of HD-DVCPRO video—enough to produce several feature-length video masterpieces.

You can rest easy knowing your Barracuda XT hard drive will provide ample space and years of worry–free operation.

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Proven performance.

The Barracuda® XT desktop hard drive is the newest addition to a legendary line of top quality drives.

The Barracuda family of drives offers:

  • Multiple generations of the word’s most popular desktop hard drives, with more than 600,000,000 units installed
  • Increased capacity and dependability using 4th generation perpendicular magnetic recording technology
  • Quiet operation with the Seagate® SoftSonic™ motor
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The powerful, eco-friendly choice.

Barracuda XT hard drives offer the best of both worlds—top performance and a small eco-footprint.

The Barracuda XT desktop hard drive features:

  • Excellent power savings without sacrificing performance
  • Typically 70% or more of the materials used to build the drive are recyclable
  • Up to 50% of the materials used in the manufacture of the drive come from recycled sources
  • Complies with the RoHS directive on hazardous materials


Model Number Package Capacity Interface Spindle Speed (RPM) Cache (MB) Areal Density Length Width Height Typical Weight AFR Operating Temperature Average Operating Power