Ultra Mobile HDD

Ultra Mobile HDD

More Storage, Less Cost

5mm HDD with 7x more tablet system capacity.

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Bringing Capacity to Mobile Storage

Seagate® Ultra Mobile HDD brings robust storage ideal for ultra-slim tablet, convertible and detachable applications in a 5mm form factor with 7x the capacity of traditional tablet storage. Pairing the Seagate Dynamic Data™ Driver and optional reference design with the Ultra Mobile HDD you get:

  • 500GB drive capacity in a thin, 5mm form factor
  • Built-in zero-gravity sensors (ZGS) and gyroscopic motion support
  • Data driver to improve system responsiveness and battery life
  • Customized mobile storage mounting kit reference design


Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD tablet software hardware system integration

Active Integration for Tablet Systems

Differentiate your tablet with MORE storage, LESS flash and NO compromise to system battery life, responsiveness or robustness. Seagate developed the Mobile Enablement Kit to help incorporate smart software and hardware practices into Android tablets to further hard drive support. With the combination of these components, Seagate can support tablet devices while improving storage capacities and minimizing costs. The Seagate Mobile Enablement Kit:

  • Improves management of the drives vibration, shock and power profiles
  • Leverages adaptive energy optimization for better battery life and performance
  • Supports motion sensing and thermal monitors to keep your devices safe

Seagate Ultra Mobile rugged 5mm HDD zero gravity sensors

Rugged 5mm HDD Design

The only drive designed for tablet applications in one of the thinnest and lightest form factors is built to withstand even the toughest tablet users. Weighing about the same as a light bulb, the Ultra Mobile HDD is built with:

  • Upgraded stainless steel design to support increased vibration and shock tolerance as well as gyroscopic motion required by interactive applications and games
  • Zero-gravity sensors (ZGS) detect if a system is in free fall within 60 milliseconds and parks the drive head to help prevent damage

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD lower system cost  more storage with mobile enablement kit

Reduced Tablet System Cost at 7x the Capacity

500GB of storage gives over 7x the capacity of a standard 64GB tablet system, at a fraction of the cost. Ultra Mobile HDD offers:

  • Reduced system cost and capacity improvements by leveraging less flash and more HDD storage
  • 500GB capacity — that’s up to 125 movies, over 8,000 hours of music or about 160,000 photos
  • No compromise to system battery life, responsiveness or robustness

Mobile Enablement Kit Ultra Mobile HDD

Mobile Enablement Kit Built for Android Systems

  • Ultra Mobile HDD: 500GB in a thin 5mm form factor with ZGS
  • Dynamic Data Driver: Improves system data management for a seamless user experience
  • Reference Design: Custom-built for mounting storage to further support drive reliability

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