Data Protection Appliances

Get fast, local data access and ensured offsite protection with pre-configured hardware, storage, and software that connects to the cloud.

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EVault Backup and Recovery Appliances

Choose a complete, cloud-integrated backup and recovery solution designed to protect your data, reduce complexity and scale with your growth — regardless of the size of your enterprise.

Secure, reliable EVault Backup and Recovery Appliances are available in three versions — Integrated Backup Appliances, Cloud Backup Gateways and Backup Hardware Systems.


Hybrid Cloud Data Protection


Get up and running fast with EVault Integrated Backup Appliances, combining the speed of local backup and recovery with the scalability and ease of the cloud.


Data centers need energy-efficient, small-footprint solutions that deliver reliable, secure, enterprise-grade protection on the petabyte scale.


Cloud-integrated EVault Backup and Recovery Appliances make it easy to secure and protect your data — wherever it resides.


EVault Backup and Recovery Appliances provide enterprise-grade data storage and protection on a low-power, compact appliance with best-in-class storage density. All appliances in the portfolio are cloud-integrated and can be applied as either an on-premise or remote solution — all with seamless cloud-connection capabilities. Combining the best of on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions, EVault appliances are flexible and elastic to support virtually unlimited data growth.

EVault Backup Target Appliance


The EVault Backup Target Appliance has a flexible architecture that enables functionality as an enterprise application backup target or as an integrated backup and recovery appliance.



Enterprise data centers with industry-leading databases and applications such as Oracle RMAN require flexible, scalable solutions that strengthen and simplify data protection.


The EVault Backup Target Appliance is an all-in-one solution that enables database administrators to seamlessly back up and manage data — reducing operational complexity and protecting their IT investments.


The EVault Backup Target Appliance is the only backup target appliance that enables you to replicate to another backup target appliance or to lower-cost cloud storage.

  • Features
    • Replicate to another backup target appliance or to the cloud
    • Military-grade encryption
    • Easy to deploy and operate — minimal training required
    • Fast recoveries
    • Manage from the application interface or from the Appliance Portal
    • Cloud-connected backup capabilities
    • Enterprise-grade components
    • Low power and cooling requirements
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EVault Cloud Backup Gateway


The EVault Cloud Backup Gateway, a companion product to EVault Cloud Backup and Recovery Services, caches your backup data onsite to speed recoveries, and can be configured to replicate to the cloud.


Rapid recovery from a local or remote cache is a key requirement of your data management strategy.


The EVault Cloud Backup Gateway is a scalable, onsite, pre-configured storage appliance that provides immediate access to a local cache as well as to backups that are safely stored in the cloud.


The EVault Cloud Backup Gateway delivers scalable local cache storage of up to 9TB, protecting both physical and virtual environments, improving your recovery-time objectives and giving you immediate access to your backups.

EVault Backup and Recovery Software


EVault Backup and Recovery Software is a cloud-based solution that enables anytime, anywhere backup and recovery of data and applications — supporting the “always-on” organization.


You need secure, simple, scalable backup and recovery software that offers centralized data protection in mixed environments.


EVault Backup and Recovery Software eliminates manual backup processes and delivers fail-proof recovery, maximizing your IT resources.


Through its intuitive portal, EVault Backup and Recovery Software enables web-based management of backup and recovery processes — whether at remote sites or data centers,  whether in physical or virtual environments.