Surveillance Drives

Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD

Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD

1TB – 6TB

3.5-inch drive for bulk storage in data center and big data analytics applications.

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Seagate Video 3.5 HDD

250GB – 4TB

3.5-inch drive for DVR storage delivering up to 16 simultaneous streams of HD video.

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Seagate Video 2.5 HDD

320GB – 500GB

2.5-inch video drives delivering smooth video streaming for compact media centers or set-top boxes.

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Find the best drive for your application with the Video Storage Selector below, the Surveillance Drive Selection Guide or Surveillance System Application Guide

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Seagate Business Storage NAS: Which NAS is right for me?

  DVR DVR/Hybrid/
Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Video Management
System (VMS)/Video
Content Analysis (VCA)
  Rackmount Business Storage Small Business NAS Storage Windows® Storage Server
Usage Environment Residential, SMB, F&B/Retail, Commercial
Casinos, Commercial Buildings, Campuses,
Hotels, Factories
Command & Control Centers,
Casinos, City Surveillance,
Border Control, Airports
What They Care About

Reliability, Cost

Reliability, Data Loss Protection, Scalability

Reliability, Data Loss/
Integrity, Data Security,

Usage Requirements

24×7, Low Power, Sustain Heat & High
Temperature, Optimized for Video Streaming

24×7, High Write Optimized, Data Integrity,
Support Multiple HD/MP Streams

24×7, Mixed Workloads
Optimized, Data Disposal,
Power Saving, Optimized for

Best-Fit Applications • DVR With ≤16 Channels
• DVR With 4CIF, 2CIF Res
• DVR With <4 HD Streams
• Up to 20 HD Video Recordings
• Uses RAID as Redundancy
• DVR ≥16 Channels
• Virtualized Server
• IP Storage (NAS, SAN)
• Backup Appliance (JBOD,
Up to 200MB/s Up to 80MB/s Up to 200MB/s
Drive Count Intel Atom - Intel Core Dual Core ARM Dual Core Intel-Atom 2.13GHZ
Low Power 2GB-4GB 256MB-512MB 4GB
RAID NAS HDD to Enterprise Class Desktop NAS HDD
Concurrent HDDs
Yes, plus mobile device apps Yes, plus mobile device apps Yes, plus mobile device apps
Concurrent HDDs
Yes, via secure cloud storage Yes, via USM slot or USB 3.0 port Yes, via secure cloud storage + USM slot