Nytro WarpDrive Flash Card

Accelerates Hyperscale Computing Applications

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Makes OLTP and Big Data Applications Fly

With high performance, low latency, and a low CPU burden, the Nytro™ WarpDrive™ card accelerates applications with onboard PCI-based flash. The PCI cards are built on the latest enterprise level solid state technologies and include sophisticated advanced features to help deliver consistently high levels of performance, endurance and reliability.
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Dell PowerEdge Server Acceleration with Nytro Flash Technology >
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Inktank by Red Hat, Nytro and Hyve Solutions Minimize Application Latency >

Nytro Warpdrive

Great Improvements in Accelerating Applications with PCIe Cards

Nytro Flash Cards keep pace with today’s cloud data center and hyperscale environments by minimizing application latency to deliver dramatic performance improvements and turn data into actionable information. By addressing inherent latencies in traditional storage and reducing the time it takes to complete data-intensive transactions, Nytro Flash Cards are playing a significant role in delivering the real-time analytics to meet an organization’s performance demands.

  • Delivers consistently high levels of performance, endurance, and reliability under demanding conditions

  • Enables the CPU to be fully available for processing data by utilizing host-offload architecture for I/O and flash management resulting in consistent performance and low host CPU utilization

Determining if an Application is IO Bound

Accelerating the OpenStack Cloud Partner Brief

Improve Database Performance with Nytro and Cirrus Data Solutions

Nytro Warpdrive

Improve Efficiency and Lower TCO

With on-board NAND flash memory, a single Nytro Application Accelerator Card can do the job of much more expensive traditional storage implementations while significantly reducing power, cooling and physical space requirements for a lower TCO.

  • Improve data analytics and processing to enable fast, real-time decision-making and customer responsiveness while achieving the highest return on investment

  • Integrate the most reliable and field hardened technology in the industry while maximizing server efficiency resulting in a reduced footprint and lower power and cooling costs

Nytro Warpdrive

The Most Comprehensive PCIe-Based Flash Portfolio

Nytro delivers right-sized PCIe-based flash solutions with the most comprehensive PCIe flash portfolio. The broad selection of Nytro cards are designed to meet the unique performance demands of a wide range of businesses resulting in reduced latency and a low CPU burden for the most demanding database applications and I/O-intensive workloads.

Half-Height and Full-Height PCIe Card Specs > 


Data Center

Turn Data into Meaningful Information Quickly

Today’s data warehouse has evolved from being considered as a secondary archiving project to a primary one which organizations depend on for their daily operations. In data warehouse deployments, low latency is critical. Environments such as these can experience substantial performance benefits with Nytro. As a component of tested reference architectures, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track, Nytro can be a part of a turn-key deployment for optimized performance.

Storage Switzerland ChalkTalk Video: Creating Highly Dense, Solid Performing Storage Infrastructures

SQL Server 2014 Fast Track Data Warehouse Solution

MySQL TPC-C Optimization

Accelerate SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Nytro Accelerates Oracle Database on Solaris x64

Linux and Oracle TPC-C Optimizations with Flash

Form Factor
NAND Petabyte Writes
Usable Capacity (GB)
Read Bandwidth
Write Bandwidth
Read IOPS (8K)
Write IOPS (8K)
Average Latency
End of Life Data Retention
Flash Memory Type
Data Encryption
Operating Systems
  • Nytro WarpDrive Flash Card
  • Data Sheet
Full-Height, Half-Length (FHHL)
4.0 GB/s
2.5 GB/s
< 50 microseconds
> 3 months
x8 PCI Express 3.0 (electrical)
The lesser of 3 years or the end of the flash or NAND life
Operational at 0º to 45ºC Airflow requirement 300 LFM Humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing Altitude: Operational max 10,000 feet
RHEL : 5.0-5.10, 6.0-6.4 CentOS: 5.3-5.10, 6.0-6.4 OEL: 5.4-5.9, 6.0-6.4 SLES: 10 SP0-SP4, 11 SP1-SP3 Debian: 6.0.5, 6.0.7 Fedora: 17, 18 Ubuntu®: 10.04, 11.1, 12.04 Windows: XP SP2, Windows7-SP1, 8, Windows Server: 2003 R2 SP2, 2008 R2-SP1, 2012 Solaris 10U10, 11 (x86 & SPARC) FreeBSD: 7.2, 7.4, 8.2, 8.3, 9 VMware: ESX4.0U4, 4.1U2, 5.0 U1, 5.1

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