Seagate NAS OS 4.2

Feature-rich operating system for Seagate NAS servers

Introducing the business-savvy operating system that helps small to medium-sized businesses do more to harness the power of decentralised technology.


An Effortless and Intuitive OS

Built in-house by Seagate, NAS OS 4.2 delivers business-focused features in an easy-to-use web-based interface, simplifying setup and management. NAS OS 4.2 is tuned specifically for our range of NAS servers to deliver optimal performance, reliability and efficiency.

Seagate Sdrive —Remote Access With a Local Feel

Whether in the office or on-the-go, the Sdrive™ app for PC and Mac makes accessing your files just as easy as using an external drive connected to your computer. Just click on the Sdrive icon in Computer on your PC or in Finder on your Mac. You'll have access to the entire capacity of your Seagate NAS server anywhere you have an Internet connection. Sdrive delivers a familiar experience, just like any other folder on your computer, with no difference between accessing files at the office or when you are remote.

App Manager. Do More With Your NAS.

Support for Seagate and third-party apps allows your business to do even more with your NAS. Record video from IP cameras, scan files for viruses and malware, and back up to cloud storage providers.

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Backup, Share, Stream and Automate

Use popular services Plex, IFTTT, and Box to take full advantage of NAS OS 4.2 capabilities.

RAID Protection Just Got Easier

Seagate offers SimplyRAID technology, which automatically manages installed drives to give you the optimal blend of capacity and redundancy. Choose between protection in case of one or two simultaneous drive failures, and SimplyRAID will figure out the rest. Seagate NAS servers with pre-installed drives have SimplyRAID configured at the factory to help get you up and running faster.

Offsite Protection Made Simple

NAS OS 4 features NAS-to-NAS backup, offering IT administrators an extra level of assurance by backing up shares to other NAS devices on the network or to a remote location over the Internet. NAS-to-NAS backup automatically finds other Seagate NAS servers on the network for ease of setup, but gives you the option to back up to Rsync-compatible servers for added flexibility. By backing up to a second Seagate NAS server over the Internet, you get the benefit of offsite protection while maintaining complete ownership of your data.

Power Management

Lower energy costs by creating a customizable schedule to power on your NAS only when you need it.

DLNA & iTunes Server

Stream media to DLNA devices such as smart TVs, connected Blu-ray players and more. Stream music as a shared iTunes™ library to PCs and Macs on the network.

SNMP Integration

NAS OS 4 can now be integrated into your overall SNMP monitoring setup. Administrators can monitor NAS OS devices along with all other devices and systems in one spot, saving time and improving efficiency.

Versatile IP-SAN

Built-in iSCSI support enables maximum performance and delivers additional storage for servers and workstations on the network. With integrated iSCSI the network storage delivers both IP SAN and NAS applications.

Active Directory Support

Importing and exporting users and groups from your Active Directory saves time and helps overall account setup and maintenance.

Download Manager

Instead of leaving a computer on to download a file, you can have your NAS do it for you, which is more power efficient. Set up a task in the Download Manager, so you can easily download a huge file without worry.

Network UPS Support

Allows multiple devices to run from one UPS, lowering additional hardware costs.

Email Notifications

Never miss a beat with email notifications directly from your NAS.