Seagate Surveillance Manager

Turn your Seagate NAS into a full-featured NVR (Network Video Recorder) with Seagate Surveillance Manager. With support for up to 16 cameras and automatic camera detection, you can spend more time monitoring your business and less time with setup. Get up and running right out of the box with one free camera license. Desktop and mobile apps allow for playback and monitoring from anywhere you have an Internet connection. With Seagate NAS and Surveillance Manager, you can keep your physical assets and virtual assets secure in one place.

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  • Support for thousands of cameras from all the leading IP manufacturers
  • Quick and easy setup with auto detections, camera search and UPnP support
  • Save storage space with event-based recording
  • Free PC, Mac, iOS and Android apps for remote viewing
  • Support for high-definition and PTZ cameras
  • Receive email alerts when an event occurs