Seagate with Microsoft Azure

Seagate EVault Data Protection with Microsoft Azure makes enterprise data storage and protection simple while providing a comprehensive answer to security and economy in the cloud

Delivers end-to-end encryption unlike other providers, and only you hold the key

Leverage your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to utilize your current cloud capacity

Deploy a cross-platform solution with endpoint and server protection with multi-hypervisor cloud backup and recovery options

68% of surveyed IT organizations reduced the CAPEX of their IT infrastructure by 10-24% or more with Seagate EVault products*

With the unlimited scalability and military-grade encryption Seagate EVault Data Protection with Microsoft Azure provides a flexible storage and protection platform that is managed by you and accessible anywhere in the world.

Seagate EVault’s extensive portfolio and innovation from the drive to storage solutions, and in the cloud enables customers with a new way to protect, store and recover their valuable data. Like no other solution, Seagate EVault with Microsoft Azure ensures your data is encrypted before transmitting over the wire, during transmission to the cloud, and while stored.

Feel safe, knowing your data is protected.

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