Cloud Resiliency Services

Cloud Disaster Recovery: IT Resiliency Guaranteed

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Cloud Resiliency Services

Protect your vital systems and applications from disaster. For ongoing system continuity and quick recovery, Seagate Cloud Disaster Recovery Service delivers. Guaranteed.


One Hour Service Level Agreement

Prepare for the unexpected, and you’ll bring peace of mind to your customers and protect your bottom line.

Your law firm is going to trial in six hours.

But a major power outage closes the office and takes down the entire environment

In steps the Seagate team of DR experts, who immediately spin up your firm’s systems and applications in the cloud.

Within minutes you have secure access to all critical data and systems from… anywhere.

Always on, always available

Think of Seagate as an extension of your production environment; we replicate your systems in real time in the cloud. And for planned outages there’s a continuous uptime option  - simply fail over your environment to Seagate, run production out of Seagate while the changes are being made, then swing back to your data center when done.

Low total cost of ownership

Because the 1-hour SLA option works with any backup solution, you can continue using your current technology. No need to build and run your own secondary site.

Perfect for Windows and Virtual Platforms

Supported platforms include NetApp, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012; Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, File Server, and SharePoint; and Blackberry Server.


24-48 Hour Service Level Agreement

After a disaster strikes, you don’t want to worry about your data nor your applications.

Your busy hospital is suddenly a lot busier thanks to a measles outbreak.

But a severe thunderstorm causes flooding, which  takes down your IT environment.

You can run on paper for the rest of the day while the Seagate team restores your data and your applications in the cloud.

The medical staff resumes working in the systems the next day.

Protects your key platforms

Protect data and applications on critical platforms including NetApp; Microsoft Windows; IBM i and IBM AIX; Red Hat and SUSE Linux; and VMware.

Safeguards all your data

Protect and recover your systems in our geo-redundant, top-tier, SSAE 16-compliant data centers—together, they’re your DR “warm site.”

Delivers it all in one solution

You get bare metal recovery, cloud storage, secure network protocols, virtual machines for fast recovery, and an SSL VPN for secure access.