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EVault® Education Services wants you to get the most out of your EVault technology. Whether you are just starting to use an EVault solution, or would like to expand your EVault expertise, we are here to help.

For Partners, all trainings and certifications can be found on our Partner Center.

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EVault offers four levels of certification via the Partner Center. Discover more from our Certification Program and get more details about EVault’s Instructor-Led Classes.

EVault Certified Sales Specialist

These self-paced training modules are designed to teach you EVault’s core value proposition and provide you with a technology overview of EVault’s Cloud Backup and On-Premise solutions.

Complete the 30-minute multiple-choice, online exam to become ECSS certified.

For Partners Only

EVault Certification System Engineer

These self-paced training modules are designed to teach you EVault’s core technology and:

  • How to describe EVault technology differentiators
  • Perform a successful proof-of-concept installation
  • Learn to qualify a deal
  • Run a product demo
  • Provide you with tools for success

Complete the 60-minute multiple-choice, online exam to become ECSE certified.

For Partners Only

EVault Certified Technical Specialist

Attend EVault I: Manage Backup/Restore Agents on Your Servers
Intended for system or backup administrators or other professionals who need to schedule backups and perform restores. This instructor -led, hands-on course provides a general overview of EVault backup solutions, focusing on managing the backup agents and plugins for different platforms and applications.

Attend EVault II: Manage Your Own Backup Vaults
Intended for system or backup administrators, or other professionals, who will work with EVault’s backup vaults. This instructor-led, hands-on course focuses on vault installation, configuration, operation, replication, seeding, and troubleshooting. It also includes Portal installation and management.

Pass the online EVault Certified Technical Specialist exam
120-minute multiple-choice, online exam

To Register for the ECTS courses:
If you are a customer interested in this training, please mail For additional information on our courses read the Education Services Offerings document.

For Partners: Please login to the Partner Center to register for these courses.

EVault Installation Certified

Get ECTS certified

Shadow an EVault Professional Services installation

Conduct a supervised Professional Services engagement

Approval and certification obtained by Professional Services manager

For Partners Only