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Want To Protect Your Data?

Get peace of mind with our data Rescue plans. If disaster strikes during your coverage, a team of experts will help you get back on track. For one payment, you can have years of confidence.

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Data Recovery Services

Data Already Lost?

Once the unthinkable has happened, turn to Seagate to get your data back. From accidental deletions to major drive damage, our team can help you save the day.

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Where is Your Data Stored?

We can help you recover your data from almost any type of storage device. From easy-to-access external hard drives to the on-chip memory inside your smartphone, we can extract your files. Choose the icon above for more information about your product.

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Trust Your Data to the Experts

As one of the world's leading data storage and services companies, Seagate knows data. Entrust your files' safety to the best in the business. In addition to building the drives that store your most important files, we can help you retrieve them when you accidentally delete or damage your hard drive. With a satisfaction rating above 95%, we have proven to our customers that we are the place to go for data recovery.

"You've taken me from a state of panic and devastation to a state of rejoice"

Having to tell her that I was unable to access her wedding photos was really hard to do. Making the phone call to tell her your team was able to recover ALL of the photos was exciting!

The Cost of Data Loss

When you buy a new smartphone or laptop, getting an insurance or replacement plan is a no-brainer. But what about the all-important data you store on those devices? A Mozy survey found that, of people who lost a device such as a smartphone or computer, 57% were more upset about losing the data than the gadget. Though a new iPhone is expensive, the files, photos and memories you store in them are priceless.

For your business, data loss can be even more costly. According to the Ponemon Institute, an instance of data loss and security breach will cost about $5 million per incident. When a data loss of 10 days or longer occurs, the business has a 50% chance of failing within 5 years, according to Strategic Research Institute data. Having a contingency plan for data recovery can not only save you money, it can save your business.

25% of all PC users suffer data loss annually.
57% of people were more upset about losing their data than their gadget.
in 2013, the average Seagate lab data recovery was 320GB.
140,000 hard drives fail every week.
Over the last 30 years, storage capacity has increased exponentially.
Human error accounts for 29% of all data loss.
96% of all business workstations are not regularly backed up.