A Reliable Way to Reduce costs

Cheetah NS Hard Drives help reduce operating costs. This 3.5 inch Tier 1 solution combines industry-leading low power consumption with proven reliability and the highest capacities.

  • High capacity in a 3.5 inch, 10K RPM Tier 1 drive
  • Over 20% less power consumption than any other 3.5 inch Tier 1 drive
  • High reliability rating
  • Support 6Gb/s SAS and 4Gb/s FC
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Strong power savings

Cheetah NS.2 10K hard drives offer energy savings that reliably reduce your per-GB data storage costs.

  • Consumes significantly less power than any other 3.5 inch Tier 1 drive
  • Lowers your storage costs per GB while increasing capacity per watt
  • Features Seagate PowerTrim™ technology to optimise power consumption dynamically at all levels of activity
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Reliability for increased ROI

Cheetah NS.2 10K hard drives help reduce drive replacement costs with the industry’s highest reliability rating for a large form factor (LFF) drive.

  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) of 1.6 million hours
  • 0 .55% annualised failure rate (AFR)
  • Cheetah NS.2 drives offer the lowest cost of ownership of any 3.5 inch Tier 1 hard drive


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Trim Costs with PowerTrim™ Technology

Seagate spearheaded the movement towards more energy-efficient hard drives with PowerTrim™ technology.

PowerTrim technology is an automatic energy-saving feature that optimises drive power consumption dynamically at all levels of activity, without impacting performance. Implemented in Cheetah® NS.2 10K hard drives and throughout the Seagate® enterprise-class drive families, PowerTrim technology reduces costs and power consumption.

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World-Class Service and Support

Cheetah NS.2 10K hard drives exploit the highly successful Cheetah 15K.6 platform and over 30 years of Seagate leadership in designing, building and supporting the highest-quality enterprise storage devices.

Seagate offers unparalleled expertise in:

  • Firmware development and optimisation
  • Customer integration
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • System design and interface development


Model Number Generation Capacity Interface Spindle Speed (RPM) Cache (MB) Areal Density Storage Type Maximum Length Maximum Width Maximum Height Typical Weight AFR Operating Temperature Average Operating Power