A Reliable Way to Reduce costs

Cheetah NS Hard Drives help reduce operating costs. This 3.5 inch Tier 1 solution combines industry-leading low power consumption with proven reliability and the highest capacities.

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Strong power savings

Cheetah NS.2 10K hard drives offer energy savings that reliably reduce your per-GB data storage costs.

  • Consumes significantly less power than any other 3.5 inch Tier 1 drive
  • Lowers your storage costs per GB while increasing capacity per watt
  • Features Seagate PowerTrim™ technology to optimise power consumption dynamically at all levels of activity
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int es 3.5 cheetah ns.2 10k overview 2

Reliability for increased ROI

Cheetah NS.2 10K hard drives help reduce drive replacement costs with the industry’s highest reliability rating for a large form factor (LFF) drive.

  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) of 1.6 million hours
  • 0 .55% annualised failure rate (AFR)
  • Cheetah NS.2 drives offer the lowest cost of ownership of any 3.5 inch Tier 1 hard drive


More Cheetah NS Features
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