What to Expect: Remote Recovery

Is the drive recognised by the OS as a physical device? YES - qualifies for Remote Recovery

When you select Remote Data Recovery, you can expect the following process.


Step 1 – Have a consultation with a Data Recovery specialist

Call us for a free consultation. We will help you determine whether Remote Recovery will work for you. If so, we will schedule a convenient appointment. Otherwise, we will recommend another solution.

Step 2 – Process your online payment

Once your Data Recovery Specialist has determined that Remote Recovery is a possible solution to restore your files, we will ask you to pay securely online using a credit card.


Step 3 – Schedule your appointment

Upon payment approval, we will contact you to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you – often the same day.


Step 4 – Get your files back

During your appointment, a Seagate Remote Recovery Specialist will recover your files and restore them to a new location in your system. You will need:

  • A reliable broadband Internet connection
  • A second drive to receive your recovered files, connected to your computer
  • Telephone access (landline or mobile)
  • If we are unable to restore your critical files with Remote Recovery, you will receive a credit towards In-lab service