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Personal Cloud Solutions

Access the digital files located in your home from anywhere in the world, from any device. That is what personal cloud products allow you to do. Unlike a traditional USB thumb drive, a network drive is actually connected to your router, creating a personal cloud over the Internet. This enables you to store and access content from multiple computers in the home on one drive. And since every picture and movie can be stored in one place, sharing memories with others outside the home is, in fact, as easy as connecting to the Internet.

  • Access files through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • Centralise backup and storage for multiple computers
  • Keep data safely in the home
Personal Cloud Innovation


Personal cloud technologies make a huge impact on our everyday lives. Click below for a snapshot of cloud technologies in the home.

Seagate innovations for the Cloud >

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Seagate products increasingly come with mobile apps for anytime, anywhere cloud access.

Seagate cutting-edge products for the Cloud >


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