Seagate SSD Partners and Standards Leadership

Seagate SSD and Flash Partnerships

In addition to our deep storage ecosystem relationships, Seagate has strategically aligned with industry leading solid state storage partners to deliver a broad, best-in-class portfolio of SSD and flash solutions. 

Samsung – Seagate NAND flash joint partnership.

Seagate and Samsung have strategic agreements in place to expand and strengthen committment to SSD products, including licensing and NAND supply agreements.  . These agreements enable Samsung to provide Seagate with semiconductor products for use in Seagate® SSDs and SSHDs.

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Densbits – Seagate SSD partnership.

Seagate and DensBits have a strategic agreement in place for the development of future solid state drives to provide customers with significant cost savings, extremely high reliability and superior performance.

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Toshiba – Seagate NAND sourcing.

Toshiba – Seagate NAND sourcing.

In addition to sourcing agreements with Samsung, we also source best-in-class components such as NAND from leading vendors such as Toshiba to best meet our design requirements and timelines.


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