Charles Bergquist


Charles Bergquist is California-based freelance director, designer, and photographer.  Currently, he’s one of Ghostly International’s curated artists, a commercial and music video director, as well as a part of Vice on HBO. Charles’ work ranges from design and experimental to documentary.

... Quite literally all of my creative work in digital form lives on Seagate. From a shoot to archive.”

Most of Charles' work is the filtered result of working in multiple mediums of image capture and heavy layering. All textures, photos, and imagery are shot and then combined, regardless of format. His work is colorful as well as dark, shifting from feeling to feeling.” - Ghostly International

Charles Bergquist's Portfolio

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Artist's Gear List

  • Red Epic / Canon C100 / Canon 5D / Pentax 67
  • Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro Retina
  • 2 Seagate 480GB SSDs ( On Set / In The Field Transfer Drives )
  • Seagate Desktop HDD

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