Rami Jaffee

Musician & Producer

You might know Rami Jaffee from starting the Wallflowers 20 years ago, taking them to multi-platinum and Grammy success, or these days playing with the Foo Fighters for the last five years. His session work has also garnered sales in the tens of millions and Grammy success with the likes of everyone from Johnny Cash to Macy Gray.

These days he’s also producing records out of his own studio, Fonogenic Studios, in Van Nuys, California. Rami is in high demand for his keyboard playing all over the music industry.

“Seagate has got my back. I record so much stuff and need to have duplicates of the primary. I’m talking terabytes of files that I catalog. With this quantity of high definition recordings, I cannot simply trust my work to just any hard drive.”— Rami

“There is a level of performance and quality that Seagate meets, which can’t be said for a lot of the brands that are out there,” said Ramy, Grammy-winning keyboardist and co-owner of Fonogenic Studios. “Nowadays, my boys and I don’t record to anything but Seagate. I really can’t express enough how much my craft is dependent on this technology.”

Rami Jaffee's Portfolio

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Artist's Gear List

  • Seagate FreeAgent Desk
  • Seagate FreeAgent Go

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