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St-Laurent, QC Canada
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Solution Offering

CIARA designs, develops, markets, services and supports a variety of computer systems ranging from mobile devices to high-end supercomputers. These systems includes personal computers, mobile devices (laptops and tablets), industry standard servers (ATLAS rack-mount or tower servers), Telco/Carrier Grade servers and appliances, high- performance computing systems such as the NEXXUS Personal Clusters, the KRONOS workstations, the TITAN GPU servers and, finally, our newly introduced world record breaking S Line products.

Value Proposition

CIARA solutions are tailored to meet the needs of even the most stringent budgets, including the latest available technology for optimal performance and reliability. Our knowledgeable technical sales team will work with you to custom design server systems specifically for applications.

CIARA technical support and customer service is our most-valued asset. Our CIARA technicians and sales staff consistently ensure that the entire experience is handled both promptly and professionally. The level of expertise of our technical sales and service teams is first rate and often exceeds the expectations of comparable services offered by large, multinational corporations. With “Avant-Garde” Technology, CIARA keeps you on the leading and sometimes bleeding edge of technology by providing sophisticated and powerful designs in addition to the latest emerging technologies.

Why Seagate?

Reliability and performance in a storage solution are key criteria for CIARA’s cloud initiative. Seagate’s mission critical and business critical products meet and exceed both of these criteria.

Intimate knowledge of the storage industry and a thorough understanding of CIARA’s leading-edge offerings makes Seagate the natural partner of choice for CIARA’s cloud initiative.


Company Description

CIARA is a leading global provider of products, technologies, software, solutions and services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), large enterprises (Top 1000) and the public sectors including government, defense and educational entities. CIARA serves customers located in more than 60 countries across 5 continents with integration control, global logistics, support and maintenance.

CIARA is a leader in the field of mission critical IT requirements, high-performance computing and OEM/ODM appliances services. CIARA software and hardware engineers have led the rapidly changing and evolving field of computer technology with an impressive product line since.

Founded in 1984, CIARA’s headquarters and primary manufacturing site is located in Montreal, Canada with additional offices in Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa; in the US, CIARA has offices in Boston, Minneapolis and Phoenix.