Cloudian Inc.
950 Tower Lane, Suite 300
Foster City, CA

+ 1.650.227.2380

Company Description

Cloudian is a fully Amazon S3-compatible cloud storage platform that enables the enterprise to build reliable, affordable and scalable cloud storage solutions. Cloudian’s unique object store enables the enterprise to deploy on-premises S3 and hybrid S3 cloud storage. Cloudian’s proven technology ensures the vast ecosystem of tools and applications available to S3 users can be deployed in private, public and hybrid clouds. 

Solution Offering

Cloudian works best for the enterprise in a variety of storage use cases including:

  • Private cloud storage
  • Storage as a Service (STaaS)
  • Hybrid S3 cloud storage
  • Backup and tape replacement
  • Long-term archival storage
  • Corporate file sharing
  • Storage for remote office backup
  • Primary storage for web applications

Value Proposition

Deploy On-Premises or Hybrid S3
Cloudian’s storage technology offers the most complete S3 compatibility currently available, enabling the enterprise to deploy on-premises, S3-like storage.
With its unique policy-based auto-tiering capabilities, Cloudian enables the enterprise to deploy scalable hybrid cloud storage that seamlessly and securely moves data between private clouds and Amazon S3.

Enterprise Ready
Cloudian is an off-the-shelf software platform that is ready to use, allowing customers to deploy cloud storage services without integration hassle or lengthy install times.
Cloudian offers a robust set of enterprise tools and features for every installation including the Cloudian Management Console, billing and metering, QoS controls, HyperStore, multi-datacenter capabilities, erasure coding and much more.

Unparalleled Freedom
With Cloudian, you can choose from popular cloud platforms such as OpenStack, Citrix CloudPlatform and Eucalyptus. Cloudian can also be deployed on bare metal, giving you ultimate control.

Leverage Commodity Hardware
Cloudian uses existing low cost commodity hardware to build out a highly reliable service at minimal expense.

Full Support and Professional Services
Cloudian offers full support and services for the enterprise with industry- leading SLA.