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EVault, a Seagate company, has been delivering cloud-connected backup and recovery services to our customers around the globe since 1997. EVault is led by a team of data industry veterans with a compelling vision and a proven track record. In fact, more than 43,000 mid-market companies and enterprises with remote offices have put their trust in Evault.


EVault® backup and recovery service automatically backs up your server or endpoint data to our secure cloud where you can access it as needed—safely, efficiently, and easily, directly through the Internet. Also, in case your own servers become unavailable after a natural disaster or a man-made outage, you can access and recover your mission-critical applications and data in 4, 24 or 48 hours—guaranteed—over a secure (VPN) remote connection. Our customers complete more than 15,000 restores each month, and all our disaster recovery deployments are tested enterprise-wide on multiple platforms.


We make sure you always get your data back no matter what.
EVault combines the best of on-premises software and offsite cloud services, providing the ultimate data protection for distributed environments. Together with our partners, we are with you every step of the way: helping to guide your deployment, service your everyday operations and, if things go really wrong, to act as your first responder. We are here to ensure you can always get back up and running— on time, every time.

EVault is optimized to perform in multi-site and multi-platform environments—a particularly good fit for protecting operations in remote office/branch office (ROBO) locations.

EVault products and services are sold and enhanced through an extensive network of more than 3500 value-added distributors and resellers who design, sell and deploy EVault solutions, and over 100 ISVs, telecommunication carriers, and hosting and managed service providers who integrate EVault technology into their offerings. In addition, technology partners such as Microsoft and VMware work with us to improve existing EVault solutions and to jointly create, market and deliver unique backup and recovery services.


We are a subsidiary of Seagate, the largest digital storage company in the world, providing data storage solutions to cloud data centers.