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33 Boulevard du General Martial Valin, Paris, 75015, France


Seagate NAS HDD Compatible Systems

  • 2big NAS
  • 5big NAS Pro

Company Value Proposition

LaCie is the premier manufacturer of high quality digital storage. From secure enterprise-class racks to high-end desktop hard drives for creative professionals, to personal drives and USB keys, LaCie has the solution for you.

About LaCie NAS Solutions

Today's small businesses require lightning-fast and ultra-secure professional network storage. SMB employees must have 24×7 access to files through an easy-to-use interface. An office network storage setup also needs to back up all of its computers, regardless of the operating system. Enter LaCie. With speed, reliability and complete usability, it's the go-to solution for small business network storage needs.

Company Description

Seagate Technology announced the purchase of LaCie in August 2012. The transaction will be complete once regulatory requirements have been met.