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Nexenta Systems, Inc.
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Solution Offering

NexentaStor software reduces storage requirements in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments by freeing up space at the back end through SCSI UNMAP, allowing for the shrinking of thin provisioned volumes. Cloning, along with inline deduplication and compression, create a more than 100-to-1 reduction in storage. In addition, NexentaStor enables you to protect data through a range of backup and replication capabilities, including unlimited snapshots and clones. It also allows synchronization to multiple destinations, thereby allowing site-to-site replications across disparate destinations. Running on industry-standard hardware, NexentaStor eliminates vendor lock-in and provides open, unified storage management at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems while delivering enterprise-class storage solutions.

Value Proposition

NexentaVSA for VMware View is a purpose-built storage appliance that simplifies the deployment and management of storage for VDI installations by integrating with VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter Server, and NexentaStor virtual storage. NexentaVSA addresses the complexity and challenges related to configuring and deploying virtual desktops and associated storage. The NexentaVSA for View application greatly simplifies the lifecycle management of deploying, managing, and calibrating storage and VDI. It is based on a user-friendly application, with simple deployment steps, creating a synergy between the desktop, hypervisor and storage never before achieved. It’s as simple as that.

Why Seagate

Seagate storage solutions are the most reliable and requested storage devices for NexentaStor supporting enterprise-class solutions. Nexenta endorses Seagate hard drives to work in all certified configurations and reference solutions offered by its channel and strategic solution partners.

Company Description

Founded in 2005 and privately held, Nexenta Systems is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-class OpenStorage solutions. The company’s flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage management. NexentaStor is a storage software solution built upon ZFS technology. It operates on industry-standard x86 servers and provides NAS and SAN capabilities, including support for CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage access.

Case Study

Nexenta Uses Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K HDD for VDI Solutions

Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K HDD for VDI Solutions: IOPS, Efficiency, Reliability Are Key