Open-source compute, storage and networking solutions

Rorke Data, an Avnet business unit

7626 Golden Triangle Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Company Description

Rorke Data, an Avnet business unit, through its Galaxy offering provides value-added, state-of-the-art hardware and software storage and compute solutions with outsourcing services tailored to the distinct requirements of a wide range of vertical markets, including open compute, data center and cloud, media and entertainment, digital surveillance, and healthcare. These solutions are supported with dedicated product development, pre-sale and post-sale support personnel and related service offerings.

Solution Offering

Rorke Data provides open-source solutions by engaging technology partners and the user community to design, deliver and integrate the most cost-effective, power-efficient compute, storage and networking solutions available.

Value Proposition

Rorke Data is uniquely positioned to earn trusted advisor status with many of our strategic customers. We are in a position to offer best-of-breed solutions to solve customer problems in the most cost-effective way. Our OCP Innovation Labs serve as both technology showcases and development labs for users, developers and partners to design, deliver and integrate cost-effective, power-efficient compute, storage and networking solutions. The labs provide the OCP community with local and remote access to resources offering hands-on enablement of platform and configuration testing, hardware and software validation, performance tuning, and community innovation. Avnet brings together the hardware, connectivity and technical support resources to assist developers with application creation. Avnet's global supply chain management is a huge value to customers.

Why Seagate?

Seagate has been a long-term partner to Rorke Data and Avnet, providing state-of-the-art product, technical expertise, access to open dialog with engineering teams, and overall strong support in business development and marketing. Seagate has continued to provide reliable enterprise-class products with road maps to sustain our customers' ongoing support needs.