30 Great Oaks Blvd,
San Jose, CA USA


Solution Offering

StackVelocity offers a new approach to buying cloud infrastructure for cloud data center deployments. Working with cloud infrastructure and software service providers, as well as enterprises with specific application portfolio requirements, StackVelocity offers pre-designed and optimized software solutions running on white box hardware. Testing and validation are conducted at StackVelocity’s Solutions Validation Lab. Coupled with Jabil’s large-scale, global integration and fulfillment capability, StackVelocity customers can move from specifications to validation and deployment with speed and certainty. If a pre-validated solution does not fit your specific requirements, our team can develop a customized solution and service delivery model tailored to your particular application portfolio, business case or SLA.

Value Proposition

Unlike consulting-based systems integrators, StackVelocity provides physical integration, validation, deployment and supply chain management. And most rack integration-based system designers have difficulty matching StackVelocity’s global footprint and extensive experience in product validation and boundary conditions. StackVelocity also has a suite of pre-validated solution stacks.

Learn how StackVelocity solves pressing problems for customers who want open source solutions on white box hardware, at scale.

Why Seagate

Seagate is the HDD and SSD solution provider of choice for many of our customers. Our partnership assures that Seagate solutions are reliably integrated into both our off-the-shelf, pre-validated SKUs and our custom validation offerings.

Company Description

StackVelocity is a business unit within Jabil providing cloud hardware and software systems integration at global scale. Our rack-level integrated solutions are designed for customers with specific needs where open source software and cost-optimized hardware are required. StackVelocity is engaged with Tier 1 and 2 customers in the public cloud market, as well as SaaS providers and large enterprises. StackVelocity offers an end-to-end service offering – deployment, support, logistics and on-site repair.

StackVelocity’s solutions team designs and implements custom solutions optimized for large-scale data center deployments when the pre-validated offerings are not an ideal fit. And when the time comes to scale out, a global supply chain and services footprint maximizes procurement efficiency with speed and agility, supported by a network of partners and StackVelocity’s Solutions Validation Laboratory in San Jose.