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Concerns for public safety have made monitoring schools, office parks, public places and sporting events more important than ever. Streaming video from multiple cameras to a central location increases overall safety and reliability, and gives you more options for expansion.

Provide the ideal NVR Video Surveillance Storage Solution for your customers.

Building Security, Event and Public Safety Video Storage

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Centralized Building Security NVR IP Cameras

Building Security, Public Safety and NVRs

Network video recorders (NVRs) are ideal for businesses that want to use their own IP or analog systems to stream surveillance video to a central location.
Case Study: March Networks Defines High Surveillance Standards

Video HDDs vs Desktop Hard Drives for NVRs >

With multi-drive systems for maximizing storage space, NVRs can stream and store video from up to 32 cameras. NVRs can be easily expanded to accommodate high-definition (HD) video and analytics software for extracting actionable intelligence from stored data.

Network Video Recorders:

Allow businesses to store more video footage for longer periods of time.
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Leverage existing IT infrastructure to centrally store video streamed from networked IP cameras.
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Support data analytics software for improving security measures, identifying patterns and predicting behaviors.
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sv35.5 features drive

Seagate NVR Video Storage Options

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Seagate Surveillance HDD

The world’s only hard drive built for video surveillance, the Surveillance HDD supports the high-write requirements of recording multiple, simultaneous streams of HD video content and the quick response needs of motion-sensing cameras. Learn more >

Seagate Enterprise Capacity HDD

For customers needing more that nine drives, greater capacity or video analytics requirements, Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD offers high reliability and exceptional drive throughput with added support from rotational vibration sensors. Learn more >